The Watkins At Home In March

And just like that, it’s the end of March. Going into the month, I was looking at our calendar, thinking that we packed it so full that it would fly by. And I was right. Here’s what happened.


March had all the small projects but we did complete a few things. I planted our tomato seeds (*insert major gardeners anxiety*) and hosted my sister-in-law’s big 30th sleepover party. Dearest Carl built our third raised bed and worked his hiney off for the business. I decorated our home for spring (hence the bunnies) and Dearest Carl ate all the cookies. While we didn’t plow into any house projects, we’re making plans.


I feel like I didn’t cook much at all this month. We were invited to friends’ homes several times for dinner and we had a couple date nights. But we did make burgers for Dearest Carl’s birthday and I made this curry snack mix that we couldn’t get enough of! I also laid off the soup mainly for ingredients sake. Kinda ready to switch to salads now!


The biggest news of the month was our fertility update (which you can read about here). We were so blessed to have lots of support and love as we navigate the grief process and try to plan for our future. We’re so thankful.

In other news, the strawberries are starting to show their leafy heads. I have seeds for butternut squash and cucumber to go in the ground here in April. I’ve been watching Little House On The Prairie and we’ve been going through the Lord Of The Rings series on the weekends. I’ve not been reading much at all. The time change really messed us up so we’ve been up too late watching and working and then there’s no energy to read before bed.

We celebrated Dearest Carl’s birthday. We attended a Passover Seder Dinner. We had friends to our house for dinner. We did our taxes. Like I said, it was a full month.

We’re looking forward to April now with a prospective camping trip, Easter celebrations and the advent of garden season.

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