The Watkins At Home In April

April was a funny month. In some ways, it flew by and in others, it crept. But here we are at the end of it, wet and tired and satisfied. Here was our month.


We all worked hard this month. I started spring cleaning the house and haven’t gotten as far as I would have liked. But the kitchen is squeaky clean, the upstairs bathroom sparkling and the living room well on it’s way. I also mowed for the first time. Dearest Carl helped one sister-in-law build some raised beds and helped another sister-in-law move. So filling my own raised bed is priority in May.


We ate quite well this month! The beautiful cheese plate above was for an Easter brunch (in case you missed it). Dearest Carl grilled lots of delicious chicken and burgers. We had a date night at Bru Burger downtown. We had lamb with my family and ham with the Watkins. Of all the things that came out of my kitchen, this instant pot recipe was quite possibly my favorite! I’ve also gotten pretty good at throwing together what I call “Fridge Salad”. Basically lettuce and whatever we have in our fridge. It works out pretty good for a healthy lunch! And of course we have chocolate from Easter. It was a delicious month.


This month was busy but good things happened. The picture above is a snap from our camping trip to the Dunes. Just Dearest Carl and me. We roasted peeps over the fire, flew his kite over the lake and talked over all the dreams and plans. It was a trip we needed.

I started some tomato seeds but only one survived and it doesn’t look good. With a full calendar, I didn’t get my other seeds planted though. So I’ll be getting plants soon.

I’m still watching Little House and I’ve been listening to audiobooks while I clean. Still not much motivation to read and I would like to say that May will be better but we’ll see.

It seems like we’ve been running a million miles an hour and I’m not sure we’ll get to stop until our vacation in June. But May holds so many good things so I’m not sure I mind. I just have to be more productive and creative about intentional time with Dearest Carl. Here’s to May!

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