The Watkins At Home In May

While I wish I could say May was the sweetest floweriest beginning to summer, it wasn’t actually all sunshine and roses. And I kinda couldn’t wait for it to be over. But there was always a silver lining. Here’s what happened.


Everybody give us a round of applause because in a month like this, we deserved it. Dearest Carl filled my raised bed and cleaned out the shed which was a pretty massive project. I started mowing the grass and I got our garden planted. A couple tomatoes (not including my failed seed experiment), a couple butternut squashes and a cucumber. Plus I finished spring cleaning. I think we deserve gold stars.


Yeah, you’ve seen that picture before on this recipe. But it was actually not the only cake I made this month! I made the Pink Champagne Cake for Mother’s Day as well as a chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream for my friend’s birthday. It was a baking filled month! We also grilled a lot of chicken and ate lasagna leftovers from our Mother’s Day gathering. So yeah, probably too many baked goods and not enough veggies but that’s what farmer’s markets are for, right?


Oh my heart! The picture above is from my little sister’s graduation. So proud of that amazing lady!!! She led worship at her graduation ceremony and she’s heading up the VBS worship team at our church and she’s working at a veterinarian’s office and she’s writing poetry and she’s just a beautiful beautiful human.

Other things in May: I hung out lots and went to a movie with my besties. We went away for a weekend retreat with our small group. We hosted old friends for dinner. I walked through IKEA twice with my dad. Dearest Carl worked early hours and late nights. We went to Cheddar’s on date night. I welcomed May with a nasty cold and got another nasty cold just in time to close it out. We picked up a gorgeous table for our patio that a friend made for us and proceeded to watch lots of movies since all the rain prevented us from spending any time outside. We hosted Mother’s Day dinner with the traditional crock pot lasagna. I didn’t read much but I started a writing project so I feel like that’s fine. (Excuses excuses.) We went to Frosty Boy a couple times and I found my new favorite ice cream: the Tutti Frutti Flurry!

May just seemed hard. Emotional bumps, physical weakness, long work days, all of it accumulated to remind me every minute that I’m human and I can’t do this by myself. Thankfully He is stronger and I don’t have to.

June holds some pretty fantastic plans so while I may not post here as much, I’ll have a stellar end of the month post for you! Hope your May was wonderful!

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