Social Media Talk

Grab a cup and have a seat. Let’s talk. I want to talk about social media. It’s just been on my mind lately.

Summertime makes me nostalgic. It makes me want to be a kid again, when summertime was full of sleepovers, kickball and grape soda. When my cousins were my best friends and my mom kept lemon water in the fridge and my bedside table always had a stack of library books. When a game of Ghost In The Graveyard after dark was the most thrilling thing that happened in your young life. When you’re young, summertime never extends beyond what you want to do today, embracing the moment like tomorrow doesn’t exist because it’s summertime. So what happened?

We steep in social media these days. We miss kickball games and drippy ice cream because we’re snapping pictures and posting to our stories and planning our content for the week. We’re checking our Facebook feeds in the grocery line and Instagram feeds in bed. We’re sharing all the moments we can think to share. And lately, I’ve been kinda done with it. Really, I’ve been uninspired and unmotivated to post on my IG the past few months (my preferred social media platform). It’s led me to questioning the worth of it altogether.

Now I’m all for capturing moments! I purposefully try to record moments in the life of my husband and I so we can look back at them later, collecting them in an album each year. I’m trying to do better at taking more videos as well because the few we have are precious to me. But this sharing every moment and thought with the whole world… why are we so compelled?

Lately I kinda just want to live. To take in a moment for what it is. To enjoy my own unique music tastes and recipe victories. To revel in conversations with my besties around fries and my husband in the candlelight. To capture some of that childhood attitude again. At least for this summer.

Yeah, that was long and rambling and I’m not sure it makes any sense. But that’s where I’m at with the social media thing. How about you? What are your thoughts about it lately? Let’s discuss!

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