The Watkins At Home In June

I couldn’t post this last week because we were on vacation in Florida and I didn’t want to wrap up June without including the vacation I’d been waiting so long for! So yes, it’s July, but let’s take a look at our June for a minute first.


Dearest Carl has been working crazy hard lately so projects are kinda stalled. But we did pick up the patio table a friend made for us and it’s a beautiful creation. I also went strawberry picking at a local farm which was one of those things on my to do list that I wasn’t sure would happen. It also rained so much that I barely kept up with the mowing but at least the garden is happy.


Really, I don’t think I did too much cooking this month. I made strawberry jam with said strawberries and we grilled burgers a couple times. We had steak with family and then Dearest Carl grilled a steak for the first time on vacation. We were so busy that we ate a lot of pizza. So I’m craving a couple fresh salads this month but I am enjoying my cold cans of La Croix and Diet Dr. Pepper.


Okay so a lot happened this month. First, we became AMC Stubz members for the summer and we’ve been enjoying going to the movies a lot! Going to the movies isn’t a normal thing for us so it’s been a fun thing! Also, we spent a week helping with our church’s VBS. It was long and tiring and so. much. fun! Dearest Carl led the 5th-6th grade group and I took pictures of everything. Also, we went to a friend’s for a couples night with games and burgers and celebrated our dads on Father’s Day. And now I can talk about vacation.

We were in Florida for a week!!! It was the best vacation since forever. We stayed two days with our friends in Tampa, hanging out on the beach, eating amazing food and romping around Disney Springs and all the Disney resorts. Staying at the Grand Floridian is a new dream. Then we went to a little AirBnb on the ocean side and spent a couple days there, painting, drinking sangria, taking beach walks. In the middle, we went to Disney’s Magic Kingdom (my first trip!) where we rose almost all the classic rides and I got to meet Cinderella (see top pic) and all my childhood dreams of magic and wonder were fulfilled. The whole trip was probably the highlight of the whole year.

In other news, I finished ish reading my book, The Fortune Hunter. I got halfway through and then found it to listen to on Hoopla. We’re watching Avatar The Last Airbender and I’m still working my way through Little House. We also enjoyed seeing Dark Phoenix in theaters.

June really went by too quickly. But July looks a little less busy for us so I’m hoping for more nights at home with him and me and the cat. Because really that’s where I want to be.

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