Date Night

Getting Out of a Date Night Rut

Do you guys ever get stuck in a date night rut? For Dearest Carl and I, our ruts have been picking up fast food and watching a movie or going out to a favorite spot for dinner like Olive Garden. I guess you get tired sometimes of trying to think of new fun things to do. But some of the very best dates I can think of are the times we did something together that was new for both of us or that we hadn’t done together before. So while you’re trying to beat the heat this summer, here are a few ideas to help you think outside the go-to choices when it comes to date night.

  • Sit at the bar instead of a booth.
  • Make some art.
  • Take a walk at a different park across town.
  • Go for breakfast instead of dinner.
  • Become movie theater members.
  • Take champagne out under the stars.
  • Split a crazy flavored ice cream flurry.
  • Attend an outdoor play.
  • Buy a new card game that the two of you can play.

What is something you do to jolt yourself out of a date night rut?

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