Currently In My Coffee


I love coffee. I’m sure that’s probably clear by now. From about April through October, depending on the temperature, iced coffee is my go to. There’s nothing like a cold sip of sweet caffeine when the humidity is two hundred percent. I bought this in the spring but I didn’t like the cold brew of the kind of coffee I had. And then Aldi came through.

Rather than just the cartoned stuff that is so sweet it makes you feel sick, they started carrying Stok Cold Brew Coffee! Hallelujah! It’s just a plain un-sweet black coffee that, blended with syrup and milk, makes the perfect iced latte. Currently I’m stuck on this Brown Sugar Cinnamon syrup. I just pour it all together in my pitcher and I’ve got iced coffee ready to go for the week! One Torani bottle gets me three pitchers. So my morning coffee routine has been in a good spot lately.

What kind of coffee are you drinking these days?

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