The Watkins At Home In July

Who can believe we’re saying goodbye to July?! Didn’t it just start like yesterday? I guess when you’re calendar fills up, that’s what happens though. So here’s a recap on our month.


Do you ever fall into a rut of being seriously unmotivated to ever clean or do anything to your house? Like we were keeping up with dishes and vacuuming but the house had gotten a little out of hand. Then just before we had guests, we had a real spurt of energy and gave the place a good clean! Dearest Carl worked a little bit more on the office clean up project, I bought a plant for our bedroom and a new bench for our front door area (Goodwill score!). So right now, the house is feeling pretty wonderful and tidy! I’m hopeful that this energy will continue to crank us through this office project.


Most of the cooking I did this month was for special occasions. The cheese and fruit plate above went with us to our in-laws for the Fourth of July. A big container of chex mix went towards our sleepover. The brats went towards a family dinner. But in between, we’ve eaten some salads and grilled a lot of chicken in this Rosemary Ranch marinade. All the food is so summery at the moment!


July has been the perfect summery month. We celebrated the Fourth with the in-laws, fireworks and sparklers and all. We’ve seen Toy Story 4 and Stuber in theaters. We had friends over for a sleepover that involved pizza and D&D (instead of camping in the intense heat). We helped our church with the Jubilee Sale. We took Charlie to the vet for shots and brought him home with medicine for an ear infection. We celebrated Bastille Day with a cheese plate and The Scarlet Pimpernel. We went out for mexican food on date night. We had my family over for a cookout on our patio. I feel like I say this every month but it was a full month.

I’ve continued my audiobook listening binge and got through this book and it’s sequel this month on Hoopla. So far this year I’ve listened to 16 audiobooks and read four! That’s a lot of books! Right now I’ve started reading this book and I’m going through this book in my devotions. Both are so good and it feels good to be in pages as well as listening to stories. I’m on the last season of Little House and we just started the last season of Poldark (we miss you Elizabeth!) I’ve also added this lovely dress to my closet. And I’m back into Skyrim…

While some of you are looking at the new school year looming, Dearest Carl and I are looking at one more month of summer! August is bright with promises of family vacation, weekly small group, more theater trips and aaaaaaaaallllllllllllll the tomatoes. Embracing as much as we can!

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