Period Romance for Fall

Rainy days are coming. And the time change when it gets dark before dinnertime. So it’s really important that you have lots to watch while you drink hot cider by the light of your pumpkin candles. Here are some lovely period dramas to help you adjust.

Jane Eyre (Watch Here): Secrets, mystery and the brooding Toby Stephens make this version of Jane Eyre a favorite.

Bleach House (Find at your library): More secrets, more mystery, lots of plot lines in classic Charles Dickens fashion. You won’t be bored.

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (Watch Here): Just when it seems like it’s going to be a sad story, Anne Bronte pulls a happy ending out of the hat.

Poldark (Watch Here): Jealousy, politics, love, hate, anger, poverty, priviledge, it’s all here with Ross, Demelza and the crew.

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