20 Things I Love About Fall

  • The bright red tree across the street.
  • Hot spiced cider.
  • Fuzzy snuggly kitty.
  • Hearing footballs games at the high school next door.
  • When your hair smells like bonfire smoke.
  • Crunchy leaves underfoot.
  • Cool breezes through open windows.
  • Dark nail polish shades.
  • Leggings and boots.
  • The sound of plucking an apple off the tree.
  • Gingery cocktails.
  • Watching Harry Potter on weekends.
  • Burning all the candles.
  • Misty mornings.
  • Monday night soups.
  • Wearing plaid blanket scarves.
  • Listening to Vivaldi’s Autumn concertos.
  • Roasting pumpkin seeds.
  • Walking around historical festivals.
  • Plates full of Thanksgiving turkey and potatoes.

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