Plus Fall Capsule Wardrobes

Oh Fall. The season when we can quit shaving our legs and wear wonderful comfy sweaters with leggings and throw on booties and scarves. The layers layer up and Starbucks cups become an accessory. For myself, I’ve been scrolling through my new favorite clothing site, SHEIN. They’re plus size options are fantastic! So fantastic, I’ve created two capsule wardrobes just from their website. Check these out!

First up, we have an office appropriate wardrobe. Just pull out your black tights from the back of your drawer, your fave dangly earrings and you’re all set! These are also great options for date nights. 🙂

Second, we have a casual capsule, more like what I would wear on a daily basis. Put together with coziness, rainy days and bonfire nights in mind.

I’ve been buying from SHEIN all summer long and I love just about everything I’ve bought from them. If you do go for it, make sure you buy based on the measurements and not on the size numbers and you can’t go wrong. Also, even if it ships from China, it only takes like a week to get here. Okay, now go forth and find a new Fall staple for your wardrobe!

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