The Watkins At Home In September

While September is supposed to be a gentle swing into cool brisk fall weather, Indiana teased us for a few days and then hit us with frying hot summer again. So amidst the A/C running and heat griping, here’s how September went for us.


Somebody put a bee in Dearest Carl’s bonnet this month and he’s been busting his butt on this office project! He got all the spackling done, gave the ceiling a makeover and decided to go for beadboard which meant we got to abandon the wallpaper peeling! My dad came over and painted the upper half of the room last week and Dearest Carl is primed to paint the ceiling and then we get to install the beadboard. I also took the clippers to the garden this month because it was just getting ridiculous. I spent the whole morning clipping and weeding and taking care of pests that I hadn’t had time to take care of. Now she looks much cleaner and my tomatoes are actually flowering again.


I don’t feel like I’ve done much cooking this month. I filled the cookie jar with these cookies, planned on a butternut squash soup and cancelled said soup, roasted lots of veggies and sausage to make up for all the pizza. Really I’m just wishing this weather away so I can jump into weekly soups again!


September started out with a happy seven years to us! I’ve been enjoying my anniversary present (spoilers, it was a Nintendo Switch!) and saying “We’ve been married for seven years!” We had wine and cheese with friends. We celebrated our coming niece at a reveal party for Carl’s brother and his wife. We’re still going through Financial Peace and have had some good conversations about our future. We celebrated a friend’s birthday at our house. We went to see Once Upon A Time In Hollywood on date night. I also went to see the Downton movie once with my besties and again with my mom. Downton was better.

The other kinda big thing that happened is I got another job! For about a month, I’ve been a part of the social media team for E-gineering LLC. It’s still new and I’m still figuring it out but it’s kinda perfect for me. A couple hours a week and I get to work from my desk at home. My favorite!

Well, we’re ending the month with a camping trip to Ohio so we can spend Saturday at the Ohio Renaissance Festival. And we’re going with my besties and us girls are dressing up like fairies. I’m wearing this, plus my flower crown. It’s going to be the exclamation point to a great month!

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