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Frivolous Friday


I’ve been asking “Is it Friday yet???” all week! But first, how was your week? Mine was quite a good one. I took my sister to lunch at a new smoothie place and I took my mom to see Downton. We had a cheese plate on date night and we’ve been reading lots before bed because Dearest Carl has started the Harry Potter series and can hardly put it down. I made this baked oatmeal and switched to hot coffee. It was a nice week.

However, this weekend, we’re going camping and to the Ohio Renaissance fair with our besties! Us three girls are dressing up like seasonal fairies (I’m autumn!) and it’s going to be the best time. If I don’t come home, don’t come looking for me.

Fall foods

Castle sleepovers

Enneagram + TV

Wonderful cottage

Bedroom wishlist

Have a good one!

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