Favorite Fall Nail Polish

Maybe it’s because my nails aren’t covered in dirt. Maybe it’s because it gets dark earlier. For some reason, as the season turns cold, I take more time to paint my nails. And while a bright red is great for Christmas, I prefer more neutral colors most of the time. Here’s what I recommend for fall.

Midnight Cami: This is a wonderful color. A nice thick polish that goes on shiny and shimmery in dark blue. A lovely shade when it’s rainy outside and you’re looking for a little drama.

Ready To Boa: Dearest Carl put this in my Christmas stocking one year and it has become a fall staple for me. As a shimmery rusty brown shade, it pairs perfectly with chunky sweaters and bonfire scarves.

Penny Talk: This metallic coppery polish is the color that sold me on Essie polish. It’s a little thin so you’ll want a couple coats and you’ll definitely want a top coat but it’s a great date night color.

Topless and Barefoot: This is a thick polish that’s extremely soft pink. On me, it’s very neutral because it blends with my skin tone so well. It’s lovely for weddings or fancier events where you want to look polished and classic.

What shades are you wearing this fall? What’s your favorite polish brand?

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