The Watkins At Home In October

Happy Halloween! I had every intention for October to be a less busy month with long weekends at home and bonfires and lazy Sunday afternoons. Oh well. It was still a good month.


Lots happened around here this month. Dearest Carl put in a lot of hours into the office project, painting trim, repairing flooring, tackling lots of pesky pieces of this project. We also spent a day working on our front flower beds! I’ve had a plan for them for like two years but it just never came to fruition. So in a Saturday afternoon, my brother-in-law brought us plants and helped us make them look beautiful. Perks of having a landscaper brother-in-law!


It might not surprise you to hear that I’ve already tired Dearest Carl out of soup. And it’s only been a month! I made this Turkey Meatball and Kale Soup that was a big favorite. We also had the Zuppa Toscana and Tomato Soup and Please May I Have Some More Soup and others. I can’t get enough of it. I also made a bunch of cookies this month. For friends, for Dearest Carl, it’s like my love language.


The picture above is from the first weekend of October. We had Dearest Carl’s sister and her husband down for the weekend and it was pretty amazing to hang out just us! There was book shopping and patio cheese plates and staying up until 2 am. A much needed weekend of fun. We also went to a fall party with a bonfire and a fall party with pumpkin carving and hosted one small bonfire on our patio. We went on a weekly date night, once going to see And Then There Were None on stage. We hung out with the besties as much as we could squeeze it into our schedule.

At night, we’ve been enjoying going to bed a little earlier to read. Dearest Carl is reading through Harry Potter and I’ve started this book. I went to see Maleficent II in theaters (which I thoroughly enjoyed) and I’ve started the last season of Gilmore Girls at home. We’ve also been watching through the Harry Potter series as we can.

It’s been such a full month and as we head into the holiday season, my heart is just a little heavy as I look at our calendar. It’s so very full and while it’s all good stuff, it’s going to take a lot of intentionality to keep up with life. But I’m looking forward to Sunday Supper Club, weekly date nights and family dinners. And lots more soup!

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