Three Things to Make In January

Happy new year! We’re two days into 2020 and while we’re still thinking about big goals, I’ve made some little ones. One of them is to nurture my crafty side. Somewhere along the road of growing up, I lost my love for puzzles and scrapbooking and creating new things. This winter in particular, I want to focus more on making things that will help me to make our home a cozy place to be this season. Here are three things you can make with me!

Rolled Beeswax Candles: I remember making these as a kid! They’re very easy and will look lovely on the dinner table as you eat in the early dark.

Brulee Orange & Cream Cheese Pound Cake: All the lovely citrus is in season. I’m looking forward to trying out this simple wintery cake.

Pine Tree Forest Watercolor: I really can’t paint. But given a tutorial, I can certainly try! I’m hoping to make some purple ombre sunsets on snow and pine forests with my watercolors this month.

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