Books for 2020

I love yearly books. I’m always excited to start them at the first of the year and that excitement bleeds into habit as the year progresses. So I always have a stack sitting around with my Bible, my planner and my yearly books. This year I have two! Here’s what I’ll be getting into.

A Year With C.S. Lewis: This is one of those books that you stumble across as you browse the bookstore and know you need. Each day has a blurb from C.S. Lewis’s writing. It’s going to be a good way for me to stretch my brain and read some really good stuff that will hopefully stretch my faith too.

52 Lists For Togetherness: I did the lists for happiness two years ago and it was a great experience. There is one list per week for the year which encourages you to come back to it and chew on the questions a little more. It makes me think deeper about what I actually think, not just the first answer that comes to mind. And it’s a great journaling opportunity!

Not counting all the books I’m planning on reading and listening to this year, I’m going to enjoy working through these. Do you have any fun books you’re jumping into this year?

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