An Ode To Birchbox

Dear Birchbox,

I signed up for your fun and pretty packages eight months ago. At the time, I was feeling the urge to do something that was just for me, because I wanted to. Your $14 box of surprise and delight was the perfect option.

Since then, I stalk my tracking number each month, waiting for my box to arrive in the mail. Your boxes have brought me products that have challenged my beauty routine and plumped my makeup bag. I’ve found new favorites and tried products I would never have bought myself.

Birchbox, you have taught me that taking care of my skin is worth it. That spending a few extra dollars on the better mascara is worth it. That self-care doesn’t have to be expensive as long as it’s for me.

Thank you for the lipsticks and perfumes. Thank you for the moisturizers and masks. Thank you for the shampoos and hair creams. I look forward to a long and happy relationship.

Love, Me

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