Frivolous Friday


Hey everyone! It’s Friday and I’m leaving my house for the first time this week for a grocery run and coffee stop. How was your week? I made cookies and watched a movie with my sisters and tried on new glasses and drank coffee. Also, it’s National Infertility Week and I read so so many things that were so encouraging. Things I’ve felt, things I’ve thought, words out there that made it feel less lonely. These days especially, it’s good to feel less lonely.

What are you up to this weekend? Dearest Carl is putting in more hours on the car and I have a giant pile of laundry to fold. I’m also hoping to finish up this current puzzle. The new usual things.

Upgrading breakfast

Anxiety management

Lovely lovely home

DIY art

Copycat Starbucks

In case you missed it:

Transitional Spring Decor

An Ode To Birchbox

Have a good one!

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