The Watkins At Home In April

Just the other day, I told Dearest Carl that April felt like it took forever while flying by at the same time. I guess that might be a common feeling for being at home basically every day. But we still did stuff so here’s April.


I’ve been struggling with motivation this month so obviously I bought Animal Crossing. I think I redecorate my Animal Crossing home every day and my Animal Crossing bestie is a white leopard. Also, I’m an Animal Crossing fossil master. But in the real world, I did clean the house a little bit and Dearest Carl cleaned up the yard. And I’ve been slowly working on this puzzle. Also, we’re both still working so it’s been pretty easy to stay busy.


Like I said, motivation has been low. We’ve eaten a lot of frozen pizza and a lot of grilled chicken. For some reason I’ve been craving cheese and beer. But the smoothie bowl above was a delicious first try! Smoothies make a nice easy summery breakfast and I kinda love being able to dress it up a little. I also did a lot of baking this month. Oatmeal cookies, cakes, I baked it all and we ate it all. And Dearest Carl mastered the whipped coffee everyone is talking about. Stress eating much?


Let’s see. This month we celebrated Easter the only way we know how. We dressed up and made a big Easter Sunday Dinner with grilled steak, rosemary potatoes, pickled eggs and even rolls. We had a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon and ate the baked goods. We had Zoom meetings for birthdays, VBS and DnD. We picked up Olive Garden and Mexican for date nights.

In other news, I’ve been reading through this and enjoying the journaling opportunities and prompts it gives. I’ve been diffusing this and gosh is it probably my favorite oil blend yet! The lilacs are blooming and I have a big bunch on our dining room table. The plants we planted in the front flower beds are coming up successfully. The garden is weeded and ready for veggies. The cat is living his best life with all the snuggles and playtime.

As we dust off the month of April, with bright and shiny hopes for May, I’m looking forward to definites like opening the windows wide and putting some vegetable plants in the ground. I’m hopeful that we can have people over again and reserve a spot by the sea for our summer vacation. Here’s to May.

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