The Watkins At Home In Summer

Hey everyone! I’m back… for the moment anyway. Did anyone else have kind of a rough summer? It was like going from zero miles an hour to one hundred, with mounting stress and anxiety about the state of things. I ended up uninspired and with little time to blog anyway, I just gave up trying. So now here I am. There are changes ahead for Dearest Carl and I and I’m feeling refreshed and re-motivated to jump back into this space with some new content. I guess we’ll see how it goes. 😉 But let’s start out with catch up, shall we? Here’s what happened for us this summer.


We started off the summer with a camping trip to McCormick’s Creek State Park. It was terribly hot and uncomfortable but we played lots of games and Dearest Carl was able to attend his blacksmithing class in Bloomington (his birthday present). We also celebrated Father’s Day with a round of family pictures and spent many evenings with friends. I weeded the garden a lot and baked a lot more. And we had a few date nights at home.


In July Dearest Carl and I grabbed my little sister and went off to Florida for a week. We had our own private pool that we swam in every day and we ate a lot of pizza and got to see all our friends in Tampa. The rest of the month was all coffee dates with family and picking tomatoes. And Dearest Carl bought a Prius!


August began with a flurry of game nights and dinner dates and trying to keep the yard mowed. In the middle of the month, we spent a few days at Lincoln State Park. Usually it’s all with the Watkins family but this year, since we got our dates mixed up, we spend a weekend with them and when everyone left on Sunday afternoon, Dearest Carl and I had a lovely two and a half days for hiking and talking and spending some really good quality time together. I couldn’t have asked for a better vacation. This month I’ve also made several batches of tomato soup for my winter supply and Dearest Carl has been playing around making wands.

It really has been a crazy summer and after I wrote this, I kinda chuckled at the post title since we really weren’t home that much. And now, as the light comes up later and later, I’m feeling more motivated to start writing again, clean up our home and watch some Harry Potter. Who’s ready for fall?

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