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Christmas Again

Well, it’s Christmas time again and guess what. Still only him, me and the cat. For a minute, I was disappointed. It still stings that I don’t get to teach my little ones Christmas carols read them the Christmas story. But this year, it feels like a sting and not so much like a jab.

COVID did something for us and more specifically, for me. It gave us time to get to know each other again. To be friends again. To communicate more deeply than we ever have in our marriage. And now, it feels like family, even if it’s just the two of us. I’m kinda sad that there aren’t little ones this Christmas but I’m content with what my family looks like right now. Just him, me and the cat.

This year I have a new advent devotional to help me keep my eyes on Jesus and we have little daily activities planned out for the whole month to have some fun together. I’m also a part of Yet We Thrive’s advent series which constantly encourages me to pursue healing as well as look beyond myself into how I can help other women like me. These things together, combined with my current routine that affords this homebody lots of time by the tree, has me excited about this holiday season. I’m ready for all the baking and carols and wrapping and Christmas lights. This year I’m ready!

How are you feeling about this Christmas?

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