Simple Tips For A Cozier Home

So we begin the long winter in earnest. For some, like Dearest Carl, the restlessness settles in and the desire to fill up the calendar and get busier to combat the cold. For some, like me, the cold is just an opportunity to stay closer to home and revel in as much coziness as possible. Sometimes I like to imagine myself like Mrs. Tittlemouse, in her clean and tidy, cozy den. As we have gone through a few winters in this drafty old home, I’ve found lots of ways to help us stay cozy through these months. So obviously I thought I’d share them with you before you think about going out to replace all of your linens and sweaters.

  • Gather up all the spare blankets in the house and store them in a basket in your living area where they are easily accessible to you and guests. I prefer to buy throw blankets in neutral colors so they look nice together.
  • Tie on your apron and get out your favorite recipes! Make what feels cozy to you. For me, that means a lot of soup and pasta. Still working on my bread baking stills.
  • Did you have twinkle lights up during the holidays? Leave them! Even after the tree is put away, the twinkly lights on our shelves, piano, mirror and wherever else I can find to put them lend a cheery light on early nights.
  • Light candles. We’ve started having breakfast by candlelight and it’s the most soothing way to start the day. I’m always lighting my tapers these days.
  • Try a hobby. Make garlands that you can hang around the house (dried oranges, pompoms, tassels, etc.). Paint trees with watercolors. Make essential oil blends for rollers or lotions. One of my favorite winter activities happens to be puzzles!
  • Include a daily tidy. The less clutter you have, the cozier your space will feel. And a daily tidy means only ten minutes of tidying a day instead of an hour or more a month! Our hotspots are the kitchen island and the living room coffee table so I try to clear them off at the end of each day.
  • Create a winter playlist. Music is powerful and can manipulate our feelings. So when you have a playlist of music that you find cozy, turning it on at home can help you feel cozier, even if nothing else changed. Here’s mine!
  • Make some treats. It feels so nice to bite into a freshly baked cookie on a cold afternoon or pop a homemade marshmallow into some hot chocolate. I’m always making cake but I have every intention of making lots of cookies this season to empty my chocolate chip stash.
  • Don’t forget to take pictures. It’s easy to pull out our phones for game nights and birthday parties but easier to forget on just a normal Tuesday night at home. Some of my favorite pictures are the ones I took of us sitting on the couch or our cups of cocoa on the coffee table.

What’s your favorite way to stay cozy over the winter?

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