Home Goals For 2021

Goals give me the drive to do anything really. Goals to keep the house clean result in cleaning schedules and eucalyptus smelling soap. Goals to make the people I love happy result in lots of baked goods. Goals to do house projects result in…. at least getting them started! haha So here are our goals for our house.

  • Finish painting the upstairs trim.
  • Replace the attic access ladder.
  • Replace the carpet in the upstairs bedrooms.
  • Paint all the chippy doors in the house.
  • Paint the laundry room.
  • Tame the monster bushes outside the house.
  • Paint and fix up the shed.

The best part, we’re hoping to have these done this spring so we can start looking at our next house project! So if you ever need a painting project this winter, come on over and I’ll give you one.

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