What To Watch On Netflix

Is anyone else dealing with a bad case of scrolling fatigue? I just have no tolerance for it these days. We’ll start looking for something to watch and five minutes in, I don’t care anymore and just pick something! So in an effort to help you find something to watch tonight while you bundle up against the snowy cold, here’s what you should watch on Netflix.

When you need an old classic with a good story. And if you haven’t seen it, you need to! This is a favorite epic in my family. There are a few parts that get a little bloody and/or intense so maybe don’t let your littles watch it, but it’s a Mel Gibson gem.

Want something fun and fit for the whole family? You can’t go wrong with this old fairy tale favorite. Pop the popcorn, grab the kids and watch adult Peter Pan return to his Neverland roots. Complete with Julia Roberts as Tinkerbell.

One of my favorite chick flicks! I’d recommend watching this on a night you’ve made a stew for dinner because watching Julia Child’s story intertwined with Julie’s cooking journey will make you hungry.

Anything Lily James and I’m there. Here’s a period piece romance set in WWII. It’s got the drama and suspense to keep the men busy with a happy ring on finger ending for us ladies.

It’s a time travel movie! Well kinda. But it’s really cute and romantic and has lots of summertime in it.

You guys, I’m obsessed with this movie. Iceland, music, comedy, romance, Dan Stevens. I cry every time and then want to start it over and watch it again. It’ll also inspire you to make your own fairy village.

Want something a little longer to binge? Try Cursed! An fantasy TV show in the time pre King Arthur, it’s filled with drama, magic and story. I also appreciated a new actress for the main character. Only one season but it was a fun watch!

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