Date Night

The Date Night Game + Printable

Last week, I shared on my Instagram stories this fun date night game that I made. And then a printable was requested. So of course I had to oblige!

What is the date night game? The idea was spurred from a TikTok video of a couple rolling dice to see where they were going to eat. I think I mentioned lately that I have decision fatigue these days, so oftentimes date night is more of a hassle instead of fun and exciting. Put the two together and the date night game was born. How does it work? One card has a list of places to eat and the other has a list of things to do. You roll both dice (how amazing are my pink DnD dice!!!) and see what your date night will be! Last week we rolled dinner at Olive Garden with Mario Cart after. It was fun and pretty thrilling to have the chance of the roll. I “laminated” the cards in clear packing tape so they’ll last a while and I know we will use them over and over again.

Now I realize that most people probably don’t have DnD dice. So before you sigh and check out or pull up Amazon, I’ve revised these cards to work with regular six sided dice which you can probably steal from a board game in your house right now. The options are a little more general than ours so it should work with wherever you live but the idea is to narrow down your date night options. Roll see if you’re eating Chinese or Mexican for dinner. Roll again and see if you’re going on a walk or watching a movie. I hope you enjoy it and I hope that it brings some refreshment to your date nights!

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