Four Things

Four Things

Oh hey Friday! How is this week treating you? It’s been pretty busy around here, not to mention trying and failing to get used to the time change. I had a ton of writing to do and I spent a bunch of time with some of my favorite kiddos one day. Dearest Carl has been putting trim up in the hallway and we started played Halo again. We also nodded to one year of pandemic this week. As the calendar commitments begin to pick up again, I kinda miss the days of hanging around the house each evening together. It’s made me stop and think harder about prioritizing my marriage and being extra careful about what goes on our calendar. Anyway, what are you up to this weekend? I’m baking more cake and we have another birthday party (for a friend’s kid this time) and we’re breaking out the grill for Supper Club.

This dough

This artist

This shack

This refresh

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