My Fairy Garden

As long as I can remember, I’ve wanted a fairy garden. Life is just more fun when you imagine the existence of fairies that dance with the rabbits in the moonlight. And a fairy garden has always seemed like such a fun thing to play with. For a long time, I thought I’d just wait until I had kids and then we’d use a corner of our real garden to set out little chairs and lights. This spring, I decided I was done waiting. Behold my fairy garden!

This jade plant has been growing ever bigger (I actually need to repot it, haha) and seemed like the perfect place to nestle a little fairy home. The mushroom house I found on Amazon and was a gift from my sweet sister-in-law. It has a little solar panel on the back so in the evenings when I close the shade, the light inside blinks on and signals a fairy at home. The rest of the little pieces I found at Hobby Lobby. I especially love that sleeping cat that looks like mine! It’s such a cute little addition to my kitchen and it makes me happy every day to look at it.

As everyone knows, fairies change activities with the seasons just like us! So I fully plan on changing things up every so often in my tiny fairy garden. I’m looking for tiny fairy picnic options and I want to make a tiny fairy clothesline and maybe even a tiny fairy tire swing! Send me your favorite fairy garden ideas!

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