My Beauty Routine

I don’t know about you, but even simple beauty routines can be super expensive! The price for some makeups and hair products are just outrageous! Personally, I’ve never worried much about my beauty routine. I’ve figured out what works and I stick with it. I’ve never been taught all the contouring makeup secrets and how to make my eyes look …

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Life, What We're Eating

What We’re Eating Good morning! It’s almost confusing to have these chilly mornings, autumn-like mist and brilliant sunrises when it isn’t even August yet! I’m starting to think soup and I’m sure we have another hot stint left in our bipolar weather state. This week is much more laid back than last week and boy am I glad! After a week of …

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Life, Travel

The Vacation Reporter

How could I go on vacation and not tell you about all the wonderful things we did! So, here are my favorite things about our wonderful Florida vacation! Our bed was huge and so so so comfortable!!! Carl and I quite enjoyed sleeping in until the sun was high enough to shine in our eyes, followed by slow mornings …

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