Life Lessons

Hello dear reader! It’s the middle of the week! I don’t know about you but so far, this week has seemed to crawl. I felt like yesterday should be Thursday. Maybe that’s because I’ve been writing wedding Thank You notes? Hmm….

Last night, I learned yet another life lesson… In fact lately, I’ve been learning a lot of life lessons! And this morning I thought “Why not share these nuggets of gold with everyone?!” So here goes. Life Lessons from the Kitchen of Casey Watkins.

  • When baking seasoned potatoes, spread them out on a cookie sheet. Don’t cook them bunched together in a pan.
  • Fried cucumber… doesn’t taste good.
  • Last night’s chicken was insanely good, insanely easy and insanely going on the ‘Make Again List’.
  • When flipping tuna melts, watch the edges of the pan. They’re hot too.
  • A basic apple pie recipe turns amazing when you add cinnamon and nutmeg.
  • When cooking pork sausage to put on pizza or in gravy, pour out the grease twice.
  • Make homemade pizza on a smaller pan or you’ll be eating it every meal for the next week.
  • A spoon plate on the stove is actually a necessity. 
And there you have it. I’ve been learning all kinds of stuff! 🙂
Here’s your song for the morning! And you better dance!
Remember, you are LOVED so stay happy!

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