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A Few Of My Favorite Things

Have you ever been on It is a bad bad place if you don’t have spending money. There are all kinds of wonderful things there! Homemade teas, jewelry, organic soap, as I said, wonderful things! In my Etsy wanderings, here are a few of my favorites:

Look at this lovely Rose + Vanilla Lip Blush from Fig and Yarrow! I’m always on the hunt for new lip makeup (since Dearest Carl doesn’t prefer lipstick) and what makes this even more appealing is the all natural ingredients! Miss Brandy has lots of other good looking goodies in her shop too. 🙂

This aqua messenger bag from bayan hippo has been on my wish list for…. well a long time. It’s so cute! And as we women always say, I would use it for everything! Now that it’s springtime, the fresh pastel color makes it even more tempting…. okay okay okay moving on.

I just love the springy flowers on this Vintage Floral Cocktail ring from Starlight Woods! Believe it or not, this is made from wood! Cool huh! Again, I would wear it with everything. 

Now THIS was a sweet find! A coin purse made with flower packets from Sew Tini. Isn’t it just adorable!! I’m thinking my mom should have something like this. 🙂
I can actually back this little shop! I featured a bar of baby soap from Old Waling Company in one of my gift guides at Christmas and then, lo and behold, sweet April sent me two bars of her wonderful soap to try! The oatmeal and goat’s milk bar I love! And I’m eyeing her lavender bar when I go back for more. Nothing like a bar of homemade soap! 🙂

Good stuff huh? Maybe I’ve convinced you to get an Etsy account? 😉

You are loved so stay happy!

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