Birthday, Life

Dearest Carl

It’s Dearest Carl’s birthday! And we got a dusting of snow just for him. I have the day bookended with celebrations so I hope I can make it a fabulous day! In the meantime, here’s the birthday specs:

Age: 25
Current Occupation: IT Technician for Business Management Systems
Currently Obsessed With: Fixing all the problems in our house
Looking Forward To: Getting all our house projects finished
Favorite Food: Watkins Homemade Hamburgers
Quirks: Likes rollercoasters, only wants to play boardgames he can win, has read through almost all 13 of A Series of Unfortunate Events, keeps the cookie jar perpetually empty, helps keep the houseplants watered.

I count myself among the luckiest women to have another year with this man and I’m looking forward to all the adventures it will bring!

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