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Top 5 Summer Date Ideas

At last, I’ve changed the flannel sheets off the bed and I don’t think I’ll be putting them back for several months. Summer is here and with it comes the search for date nights that are summer appropriate. It seemed really easy to think of dates for Fall because Fall is my favorite season. But what do you do when it’s hot outside? Well obviously these five things…

Have some ice cream at the park. Whether it’s a couple of cones or a pint of B&J’s, a cool treat outside in that summer sun will give you both a chance to just sit and enjoy a treat together while you talk about the day or dream of your upcoming vacation.

Take care of the yard together. You might be wondering how much of a date this actually is, but I count it as one! Mowing, pulling weeds, mulching, planting, pruning, it will get you both working towards a common goal. When you’re finished and your yard is looking spiffy, have some cold lemonade on the porch and enjoy your hard work together.

Go for a hike. This has been one of my favorite date ideas since Dearest Carl and I started dating because it usually involves a road trip and a picnic and a whole day together to talk and adventure. Go to a State Park you’ve never been to before, or revisit one of your favorite spots. Don’t forget your camera!

Visit the Farmers Market. We’re lucky enough to live close to two different Farmers Markets and if you get up early enough on a Saturday morning, it’s usually worth the trip! It’s a chance to hold hands and pick up some fresh produce for your meals that week.

Go to the movies. You know the feeling of opening a door and getting this blast of wonderful arctic air in the middle of a sweltering hot day? The movie theater is the perfect place to escape the heat for a while. Lucky I’ve given you some movie ideas for the summer!

What are your favorite summer dates?

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