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Watkins Vacation 2016

Vacation this year was interesting to say the least! We had some bumps to deal with like raccoons on the porch, rain and a power outage, but we also did fun new things like play new games and do a scavenger hunt. Here are a few snaps of our week in the woods!

Day one was classically get-as-much-in-one-day-as-possible. In the morning we played a few games while we waited out the rain and after lunch, we got to head to the beach! They have a volleyball net on the sand which makes a great place to play when you’re done swimming. We also ate burgers and hot dogs for dinner.
Day two drizzled basically all day. I took the opportunity to do a little tidying in our cabin and read a few chapters in my book. We spent almost the whole day hanging out, eating candy and playing games. Because those are the days that vacation is made of.
Day three was quite possibly the best day. After some morning showers, the afternoon was prime for beach going! Us girls hung out by the water while the guys did their annual bike relay to get ice cream from the closest town. Then we all played volleyball until the sun started going down. After dinner, we got to play Balderdash which is my favorite game. 
Day four was a big one for me and Rachael. She and I had put together a series of clues that we placed around the park. Then we divided everyone else up into two teams and they had to go find all the clues. Let me tell you, our part was hard! We had eight clues in all and had to do quite a bit of walking to get them all in the right spot. But it was fun!
Day five is always the day we clean up, pack up and head out so there are no pictures. But Dearest Carl and I had two brothers in the car which made for fun music and more snacks.
Now we’re home and I’m so glad to be! Charlie obviously missed us a lot and my plants need a little attention too. With all the traveling I’ve done lately, I’m looking forward to spending the next few months close to home, getting some things done around the house and drinking in the delights of Fall! 

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