Frivolous Friday, Life

Frivolous Friday

Nothing like starting your Friday off with a tornado warning. But that’s Indy. When the radar says 0% chance of rain, all bets are off. Now I’m seeing blue sky so I’m preparing to venture to the grocery.

How was your week? Mine was crazy productive. Along with the regular work week, I got the kitchen floor washed and the spare bedroom organized and the grass cut. I’m pretty proud of myself! This weekend we have another wedding, but this time it’s not too far from our house. However the mosquitoes have made my legs basically a pockmarked wasteland so it’ll be a maxi dress for me. Oh well.

What are you up to this weekend?

Jammin’ along

So many lovely spaces

Or bookshelf, whatever works

Holy macaroni

Checking out better blenders now

Grow baby grow

I died

Have a good one!

(Image via Scotch and Scones)

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