Frivolous Friday, Life

Frivolous Friday

Happy Friday! In case you were wondering, the Mac n’ Cheese recipe turned out delicious! Definitely one that we’ll be returning to. I also made two loaves of banana bread this week which made our house feel all warm and cozy. So yeah, it was a good food week.

Dearest Carl and I have a cookout with church family tonight and tomorrow is Work Day at our church. I also fully intend to bake cookies. But other than that, the weekend looks pretty slow for us! We finished watching The Office this week so I’ve been watching random favorite episodes of Dr. Who and we’re probably going to start Stranger Things, the one everyone’s been raving about. Have you seen it? What are you doing this weekend?

Nostalgia right here

Non-pinnable hospitality

Must bake this soooon

Stashing this for winter

Do you have a hobby?

Boots and scarves please

Probably what Belle burns

Fall decor on point

Have a good one!

(Image via Modern Hepburn)

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