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Happy Fall!

Today is officially the first day of Fall! And as a treat, I have a little original prose for you. About Fall of course. Enjoy!

That sweet Autumn symphony; the dry clacking of cornstalk leaves, the chirping strings of crickets, the occasional clash of thunder across the cozy gray sky. It allures with an invisible maestro. It petitions open ears and open minds.

That lovely Autumn smell; the musky scent of wet leaves, the aroma of baking spices, the smokey perfume you catch in your hair after a backyard evening. It assails with memories of mama’s flour dusted apron and holidays in a crowd of family. It transports to the place that the heart calls home. 

That wonderful Autumn taste; the sweet maple syrup, the nutty pumpkin, the spicy cinnamon, the bitter coffee. It keeps the stirring spoon out of the drawer. It keeps the kitchen warm with flavor and hospitality.  

That brilliant Autumn view; the trees of scarlet red, the bright orange glow of a gourd with a face, the mesmerizing fireplace flames, the watercolor sunsets. It awakens joy and vibrance in the soul. It beckons to stop and revel and glory. 

That cozy Autumn feel; the smooth apple peel, the large wooly socks, the hand knit blanket, the warm ceramic mug. It makes hands clasp tighter and bodies lean closer. It whispers of comfort and entices to sit just a moment longer.

Let’s all embrace this season with joy and drinks as many pumpkin spice lattes as suits us!

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  1. so beautifully written!!! something worth framing=)

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