What We’re Eating


About the only Mondays I don’t enjoy are the ones after a great weekend. We chilled at home and I got a lot done on the blog! Not only are we officially moved to WordPress (thank you God for my computer savvy husband!), we changed our name! After a good deal of brainstorming and wishy washying and ho humming, I decided to move from The Sunshine Hill Chronicle to Chasing Cozy. I feel like it is a better representation of what this blog is about, creating a cozy life! No need to worry. My content will continue on as it has been, just under a different name. Hopefully one that’s easier to remember.

We’re starting off this week watching our bread and eggs and cheese consumption so we have as little as possible left in the fridge by the weekend. It’s a good thing that these make good leftovers because it’s amazing what you can’t eat when you’re saving slices of bread…

Monday: Crock Pot Potato Corn Chowder and Beer Bread
Tuesday: Cheesy Artichoke Egg Bake and Bacon
Wednesday: Spinach n Artichoke Mac n Cheese
Thursday: Dinner with my family
Friday: Pizza with the in-laws

What are you making this week?

P.S. I already miss the comforting Blogger interface. Blogger stuck with me through many seasons and years of my life so moving to WP is a big change. I’m looking forward though to the possibilities!