What We're Eating

What We’re Eating

Good morning! How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was quite full of so much good food. We went to a new restaurant called Tucanos Brazilian Grill on Saturday and ate so much good meat and I went to a bridal shower yesterday and ate so many good scones. It was amazing you guys. And now that we’re looking at a new month and a new menu format.

Every year when I put my soup pot away and bid my Monday Soups goodbye, I suddenly feel like I’m floundering around my menu. It’s kind of sad but knowing what I am going to make one day of the week somehow really helps. So I thought, why not try it for the warm weather months? And instead of choosing one day to eat a particular something, I gave every day something. Keep in mind that I go to the grocery on Wednesday so that’s my “freshest ingredients” day.

Monday is “Whatever I Want To Make Day”. There is always some recipe that sounds amazing so I’m making room for it! Tuesday is “Pantry Day”. The idea is to not buy ingredients for a meal on Tuesday and eat whatever we have in the fridge, freezer and/or pantry instead. Wednesday is “In A Tortilla Day”. Dearest Carl wants to eat tacos more often so this one is for him. Thursday is “In The Crock Pot Day”. It’s just like it sounds and it’s perfect for me since Thursday is writing day. Friday is “Breadless Day”. Let me preface that with the fact that we end up spending a lot of our Fridays eating with family so if we’re home, we’ll eat something without bread and if we aren’t, that recipe will go to “Pantry Day”! (A brilliant system, right?) Full disclosure. I’m going to try this planning for a month and see how it affects our budget and if it just drains my meal creativity. In May, I might stick to it, I might take some of it, and I might throw it all out. We will see. It’s going to be a fun experiment! So without further ado, here is this week’s menu.

Monday (Whatever I Want To Make): Usually this will be that recipe I’m craving but this week, I’m heading to dinner and a movie with my girls while Dearest Carl eats a sandwich.
Tuesday (Pantry/Freezer): Jerk Chicken with Salad
Wednesday (In A Tortilla): Tacos
Thursday (In The Crock Pot): Ranch Pork Chops and Salad
Friday (Breadless): Meatball Polenta

Okay, now I need your help. What are some things you put in a tortilla? I don’t want to eat tacos every single week.

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