What We're Eating

What We’re Eating

Isn’t it great to wake up to sunshine? It just makes the world seem right.  To be honest, yesterday was a little hard, scrolling through my social media and seeing all the new little families posting Easter family pictures in their Easter best. I didn’t think it would bother me but it did. And then today I woke up with a cold. So I’m glad it’s Monday, the day I get to take it slow and be at home all day. Plus, there’s a new Dr. Who episode.

Let’s talk about my meal plan for a second. So far, I’m loving it. I feel like we don’t ever have an empty fridge and I’m planning better and using more instead of pitching the other half of the onion because it sat too long. So if I’m able to keep in budget this month, I think we’ll keep going with it! Okay, this week we have plenty to do in the way of yard care and car projects but otherwise we don’t have too many plans. I’m super looking forward to that salad on Friday!

Monday: Irish Breakfast Nachos
Tuesday: In The Pantry Day
Wednesday: Breakfast Quesadillas
Thursday: Crock Pot Italian Sausage Sandwiches and Salad
Friday: Summer Sausage and Pan Crisped Deviled Egg Salad

What are you eating this week?

Image via Kristen Droz


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