What We're Eating

What We’re Eating

Happy Monday! They’re always better when the sun is shining. How was your weekend? Dearest Carl spent lots of hours working on the car and I spent my time puttering around the house. I made Strawberry Pie and brushed the cat and put together blog posts and watched just a few episodes of The Great British Baking Show. (I’m obsessed you guys.) Overall, it was lovely and relaxing! This week there is so much to do and we’re going to have to make some choices about what to spend our time on. All good things which makes it even harder to choose! At least I’m making my favorite salad tonight.

We shuffled around the menu last week so you might think a few of these are deja vu. But that’s okay. You could actually give me breakfast quesadillas weekly and I would be totally fine with that.

Monday: Grilled Chicken and Pan Crisped Deviled Egg Salad
Tuesday: In The Pantry
Wednesday: Breakfast Quesadillas
Thursday: Summer Sausage and Caesar Salad
Friday: Going to a wedding!

What are you making this last week of April?

Image via Cocorrina

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