Frivolous Friday

Frivolous Friday

Happy Friday! I hope this week has treated you well. We certainly had a roller coaster of ups and downs this week. But now we’re looking to the weekend and starting it off with a bunch of things checked off the to do list! The garden is weeded, the yard is mowed, I made this Roasted Strawberry Bread. Those weekends where you are already ahead of the game are the best. Movie tip: we finally saw Lion this week and it was so inspiring! Watch with tissues.

This weekend Dearest Carl and I get to hang out at home for the most part. I’m planning on making some cookies tomorrow while Dearest Carl helps with a church project and we’ll grill burgers for dinner. Then we get to spend Sunday chilling together after church. There is all kinds of opportunity for reading and game-playing and relaxing. What are you up to?

Heartlines on your hand

All for this

A guest house I could live in

Refining your cheese skills

A fun birthday breakfast

Suit up

Hard and deep and beautiful

Have a great weekend!

Image via Sophie Peoples

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