The Chasing Cozy Survey

I’ve always been a writer. My mom likes to tell stories about me as a little girl, dictating a poem to her during bath time. Words just come naturally. I’ve been a blogger for nine years this fall and it has been so good for me. A writer friend of mine encouraged me to start one all those years ago so I started blogging as a journal of daily life. It became a safe place to be creative, be honest and exercise my talent. The past two years or so, I’ve been trying to figure out my blog as more of a brand and less of a hobby. That started with posting more regularly and actually planning out content instead of just writing whatever whenever. It also fueled the switch to WordPress and the name change. (Cause cozy is where it’s at!) Now we’re to the next phase. Content. That is where I need your help. While I believe that my blog is my space to talk about what interests me, I hope we can find some common ground so I can also write about what interests you too! If you would, take a five minutes to fill out the survey below. Your opinions will help me to create content that appeals to the both of us. A thousand thank yous!

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