Our New Sectional

Oh IKEA. We go through so many emotions in our relationship, usually depending on what the newest products are. Sometimes I’m really not feelin’ the love and other times we’re smooth sailing. But this year, IKEA came out with a new sectional sofa that is everything I ever dreamed of.

White, non-microfiber, deep, comfortable, farmhouse elegant, like this sectional just walked out of Pottery Barn. I had the opportunity to test it out last month and thus began a love affair. So with all the honeyed words I possessed, I convinced Dearest Carl that this belonged in our living room. And we ordered it. And Friday, it came!

It’s so incredibly cozy and fits our space perfectly! And it’s huge! Dearest Carl approves and I love it even more in my house than on the IKEA show floor. Now we just need to plan a big Welcome New Sofa party to fill it up with people!

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  1. oh love love love!!!!!

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