Why Lincoln State Park?

For almost as long as we’ve been married, we’ve spent a week of the summer in a cabin at Lincoln State Park. The Watkins family has been taking this vacation for as long as Dearest Carl can remember so it seemed only natural that we jump on board too. Our first trip together was only for a few days but I fell in love with the place and was definitely able to see why it really is the perfect vacation spot. Here is why we love LSP.

First of all, we get no cell service. That might seem like a silly reason but as connected to the world as we are, it’s really nice to turn it off for a while. We can’t get texts or calls, we can’t check email or Facebook, and since that’s basically all of our phones, everyone is more present with each other instead of staring at a screen all vaca long.

Second, there is tons to do at LSP! They have several hiking trails, a volleyball net, a lake for swimming and fishing and a beach for reading. We go on night hikes to the fire tower and stay up late playing board games. There are quiet afternoon hours for reading and porch hangs. We take bikes for riding and racing. Since it’s such a casual vacation, the only time we mark is dinner time. Otherwise, everyone does whatever they feel like doing.

Third, and best of all, we get to be together for a week! I’m so thankful for marrying into such a close knit family that loves being together. Staying in a couple cabins, smelling like bug spray and lake water, arguing, discussing, laughing, all together. It’s like going to the summer camp straight out of The Parent Trap.

We have this glorious week coming up quick and I’m eager to get away with my husband and this wonderful bunch of crazies. It’s going to be amazing.

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