What We're Eating

What We’re Eating

Good morning! I do hope you are getting cooler weather wherever you live! We’re certainly enjoying it here. All I want to do is bake and bake and bake. Last week I made two loaves of banana bread to use up our too-ripe bananas. Then over our relaxing amazing weekend spent mostly at home, I put another batch of cookies in the freezer for spontaneous guests and I made a cake that I planned on freezing as well… except it smelled so good that we just ate it instead. And I have plans this week for pumpkin bread and bars and who knows what else. It was a good weekend.

You’re probably just pining for Monday Soups and I’m in that boat with you. But I’ve vowed not to start until October. Instead, I’m trying to make a few summer recipes one last time, like the Cheeseburger Salad, and we have a few burgers left to grill. Just what you want to eat with pumpkin bread, right?

Monday: I’m attending a Women’s Dinner so it’s leftovers or sandwiches for Dearest Carl.
Tuesday: In The Pantry
Wednesday: Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans
Thursday: Cheeseburger Salad
Friday: Cookout at a friend’s!

What are you baking these days?

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