Quick Tip: Votives

Ever since I began decorating my own home, I’ve struggled with the desire to fill my surfaces with pretty little vignettes and clear them of basically everything. But I’ve found a way to indulge myself in beauty and practicality in my decor and that’s with candle votives.

I’ve collected several, mostly in neutral colors, that I can add to all my seasonal and holiday decorating. It’s a great way to fill up the empty spaces and it’s quite magical when they’re all lit at night.

Whenever I’m out and about, browsing through home decor aisles, I’m on the lookout for white, cream or wood votives that I can add because they stay out all year! And you can’t go wrong with decor that is versatile as well as beautiful.

Also, don’t be afraid to pop in a couple colors if you fancy it. Some black votives bring depth to the colder months. Add some orange in the Fall and some red at Christmas. Maybe an emerald green in the spring. No matter what, all the flickering candles will bring life and light to your decor!

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