My Bullet Journal

Have you ever heard of a bullet journal or “bujo”? It’s rather a trend at the moment. When I first started looking into it, it made absolutely no sense. Each review I read would talk about some different thing they did even though they all kept the same bujo somehow. Then, one article in particular let me to this video by the guy who invented the bujo. Suddenly, it all made sense! And it began. I’ve been keeping mine for about three months now and I wanted to give you a peek.

After I watched the video, I did a little more research and gathered up tips and ideas for bujos. I bought a regular hardcover notebook with lined paper, a set of brush pens and some patterned washi tape to start. Since the bujo begins with a particular setup, I just followed the rules for the first month. The next month, I adjusted the elements depending on what was helpful and what wasn’t. Now that I’m pretty familiar, I’ve started getting creative. And I’ve discovered why everyone loves it so much.

You should know that I’m not a “proper” bullet journaler, although I’m not sure anyone actually is. But that’s the beauty of the bujo! It can be adjusted and tweaked to your liking. So far I’ve been adding a monthly to do page and then a weekly spread (daily to do lists for each week spread across two pages). I also have pages for birthdays, movies I want to see, my book wish list, etc. (we call these “collections”) Since Dearest Carl and I keep a Google calendar with all our events for family and work there, I ditched the monthly calendar page… though I might add it back in for decorative purposes. I also work by check boxes rather than bullets. Each task is a box, each event a triangle and something I want to remember is a heart. It’s very simple and easy to remember.

Now to what I like the most. More than organization or to do lists, I love how keeping a bullet journal keeps me creative. There is no end to a bujos possibilities! I have a Pinterest board dedicated to page ideas. And then, once a month, I get to sit at the table, turn up my music and put together my monthly pages. It’s so satisfying to be enthralled in creativity and productivity at once! Even sitting here writing this, I’m itching to go put together my November pages. It’s fun!

So whether you’re needing some organization in your life or just an excuse to buy all the pretty washi tape, I highly recommend you look into bullet journaling. It really is such a great endeavor.

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