Halloween at Northanger Abbey

Here at our house, we aren’t super into Halloween. Neither of our parents loved the holiday and while we have fond memories of dressing up in homemade costumes and playing games for candy at our church’s fall festival when we were kids, we just don’t get into it. The last couple years, we’ve done various things with our families, hosted pumpkin carving at our house and munched on a large bowl of candy. This year we’re starting the new Stranger Things season with our small group. But I think it would be fun to host a Northanger Abbey themed party for Halloween!

Northanger Abbey is a story by Jane Austen about a girl with a very active imagination who reads a lot of gothic novels. When she ends up at an old castle with a new friend, she suspects some sinister goings on concerning the castle’s master. The old 1986 movie is particularly creepy. Just don your long white nightgown, light up your house with candles and you’re well on your way to a regency Halloween.

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Top image via @mandinelson

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