Frivolous Friday

Frivolous Friday

Three cheers for Fall! Within a day this week, all the trees have turned brilliant, the wind nips at your fingers and the rolling clouds beckon you to cozy up with a book and a hot cup of tea. We’ve arrived at everything Fall should be just in time for November. This week was a little bit stressful for me. Things just keep piling up on my to do list, some with a deadline and some not, and I’m finding myself stretched a little thin mentally. I spent basically all week working from 9am to 9pm on some project or task. Don’t get me wrong, a day or two like that is really motivating, but a whole week of that with seemingly no progress is discouraging. So we get up a little earlier and stay up a little later cause less sleep equals more hours. Eventually I’ll catch up.

We’re pretty much home this weekend, busting our butts on the pantry project. We’ve decided on the layout and Dearest Carl is about done spackling so we’ll probably be painting all weekend. I’m also hoping to finish my book before the end of the month. Ten chapters to go. What are you up to this weekend? The internet was good this week so I think there are a few more links than usual. Perfect if you’re spending your weekend at home!

Listen, yes the whole thing

That goat cheese

Mastering romantic

Those cottage vibes

Flatlay tips

Simply listen

Last weekend’s picnic

Candles 4eva

Free printable!

Have a good one!

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